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Ask Questions

A lot of times questions are thought of, but not asked. The reasons for not asking might be quite different:

  • the question might be thought to be untimely, not relevant or even stupid
  • the asker might not feel confident to handle the discussion after the question is answered
  • the environment might not be ‘question friendly’
  • many other reasons

However, it is very difficult to affect change without starting to question the status quo. So any change, whether this is a normal gradual change, a disruptive change or a change through innovation, starts with a question.

It could be said that asking questions is one of the defining characteristics for the human race. Many of the global ideologies have started as the answers to so called ‘life questions’, like “Why are we here?” or “Why do we die?“.

In the science world asking questions and doubting the current description of reality (triggered by observation) is part of the way of working, the scientific method.

Scientific method – schematically

In the business world this idea is starting to take off in the last decades through innovation mechanisms and methods like build-measure-learn in the world of startups. Startups are the new kinds of organisations that have embraced the ‘question the status quo’ mentality of the scientific method.

Build Measure Learn – Lean Startup

If scientists and new entrepreneurs can use question asking to their benefit, so can you!

How can Always Asq help?

Always Asq can help you asking more and better questions in several ways:

  • through training and education make you more confident to ask the question and handle the answer or response – and possibly ask follow up questions
  • explain IT and technology to you in answer to your question: “What is this new technology XYZ?
  • help you think about the relevant question “Do I need technology or method ABC for my business?” – before jumping on hype bandwagons
  • coach you to become more confident in asking questions, also when you are in a – for you – uncomfortable environment
  • participate in sessions/workshops/meetings together with you and ask the questions with you
  • script questions and responses together with you in preparation for your session/workshop/meeting

And if you are still unclear on what Always Asq can do for you – ask!

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