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Always Ask Straightforward Questions

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Why are some questions not asked? Always Asq can help you ask the relevant questions as much as possible.






About Always Asq

Always Asq was started to enable the creation of new training materials and explainers. The training sessions are usually on ICT topics and new technology. Over the last 30 months Always Asq has hosted almost 100 multi-day training sessions for our partners.

In the past 30 years I have noticed that people sometimes do not ask certain questions. This lack of asking then led to issues later on. Through Always Asq coaching and ‘Asking on Demand’ I want to help others ask the questions that sometimes are not, but should be.


My Focus

I help ask straightforward / strategic / simple / “stupid” questions


Facilitate training for smaller and larger groups. Either within an formal organization or a community.

Explainer design

Design new, interactive experiences to explain (new) technology.


Coach people on how to handle (new) technology and relate to others with more or less knowledge.

Question asking

Assist in asking relevant questions. Either in preparation for meetings or in those meetings.

Project work

Work or assist in Data, IT, Technology or Cyber project or program – short term.



What I can do for you


I can facilitate an existing training for your team. Or adapt a training especially for your organization. Or I can create a new training for your team.

Please contact me for pricing and details.

Explainer design

Are you in need of an explainer on technology for multiple teams? A repeatable session for education (or team building) can be custom made.

Please contact me for pricing and details.


Are you personally in need of coaching on how to use, think about or cope with (new) technology. I may be able to help you.

Please contact me for a free intake and for further pricing and details.

Question asking

Do you need someone to ask the questions for you? Or do you want to prepare for a session where you want to ask questions that are not in your wheelhouse? I can be in your meeting or prepare with you beforehand and assess afterwards.

Please contact me for pricing and further details.

Project work

Do you need some extra brains or hands in your Data, IT, Technology or Cyber project or program for a short term? Just to get you (re)started? Or do you need an extra mind to architect your project? I may be able to help.

Please contact me for pricing and further details.



Who am I?

I am a person with an enormous appetite for knowledge, mainly about technology. I have always been active in technology after my academic career as a theoretical physicist. First at SARA as a consultant for high performance computing, then at PricewaterhouseCoopers as an ERP expert. I also spent almost 13 years at IBM in many interesting roles, from ERP through high performance computing and storage to cyber security.

At PwC as a technologist, starting in cyber security and finishing as emerging technologist in the Experience Center.

I have been programming for almost 40 years. Managed my own computers at home and supercomputers at work. I even ended up building supercomputers at work. Wrote books on Linux in the mid 2000’s and (co)created two successful explainers of new technology in the later half of the 2010’s.

Now I want to put this experience and knowledge at your service to grow your answers by helping you ask more questions and hosting training sessions.

dr Jeroen van Hoof


Past work / Portfolio

Work I did in the past

Blockchain Experience (game)
Interactive explainer based on a paper blockchain to explain blockchain technology to any audience (no previous knowledge required). This game is based on the analogy created in 2016 on how one could have created a paper blockchain in the 1950’s using only the photocopier as needed technology.
The game has been played almost 300 times worldwide and has even been translated into other languages.

AI Experience
Game using interactive elements in the room to explain what Artificial Intelligence is and is not. Discussing the history, different kinds of learning and using exercises to indicate how past AI systems now seem standard functionality of software. One of the exercises relates to classifying images of cakes.
At the end of experience the people in the room form a ‘neural network’ that can recognize images of cakes.

I was co-creator of this experience in a previous role.


Why select Always Asq?

Many years of experience with discovering about and explaining new technologies

I have many years (25+) of experience in technology roles.


I have been involved in different types of technology integrations. From Linux clients for desktops, through supercomputers to projects around IT infrastructure renormalization.


Innovation starts with learning and learning most times starts with a question.

Start your journey with me now


Questions Blog

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Eduvision opleiding & training

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Call or text me during business hours. Leave a message if I am busy asking questions. (WhatsApp/SIgnal/SMS)

By email

Emails might work better, as this is an asynchronous medium.

Relevant information

KvK: 82583730
BTW: NL003701326B73
IBAN: NL58INGB0007327326

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