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Learn from the answers

The first step is asking the question(s). The next step is listening to and learning from the answers. This is not something that everyone does.


The first step is listen. When you ask a question you have to take in the response. Do not immediately follow up with a second question or response. Do not immediately go into defense mode when the answer is not what you expected or like. If possible ask clarification questions to make sure you understand the response or answer. Also vocalize how you understand the answer, to make sure there is no misunderstanding.


The second step, learning, has some pre-requisites:

  • you are able to accept the answer even if it is not as expected
  • you are able to understand the answer or response because you have the necessary knowledge

Both the skills and knowledge needed for listening and learning can be acquired. Always Asq can help you with that.

Learning can be done from different sources, you can:

  • learn from the answers and responses to your own question(s)
  • learn from questions that are posed to you
  • use the questions you are not asking to learn from

The first source is the most obvious one, you ask a questions and get an answer or response and learn from it. But you will have to ask!

The second source is often forgotten. Questions that are asked of you or your organisation can also be good sources of learning. Sometimes others can come up with the questions that you yourself do not see. You have to be open to receiving questions for this.

The third source could be seen as a sort of meta questions:

  • What is keeping me from asking this question?
  • Why do I feel this question is untimely / irrelevant / stupid?
  • Why am I afraid of the answer to this question?

How can Always Asq help?

Always Asq can help you listening and learning:

  • through training and education make you more confident to handle the response or answer to your question(s) – and actively qualify and quantify the response
  • coach you to become more confident in learning from the answers to your questions – also in a – for you – difficult environment
  • participate in sessions / workshops / meetings together with you and listen and learn with you
  • practice approaches on how to listen and learn together with you in preparation for your session / workshop / meeting

And if you are still unclear on what Always Asq can do for you – ask!

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